Wet Paint

  • CARC Coated Part
  • CARC paint on control box

Wet Paint

Most of the paint commonly available at hardware stores is wet paint. It is made from binder, pigment, filler and solvent. The solvent gives the paint the correct viscosity to allow it to be applied, and in many paints the solvent acts as an inhibitor. This allows the paint to cure only after the solvent has evaporated. Other types of paint cure upon contact with oxygen or the moisture in the air. Finally, two component paints behave similar to two component epoxy glue. This type of paint will not cure until it is readied for application by mixing the two components, one of which contains the catalyst.

Advantages of Wet Paint

  • can be applied in thin layers
  • can achieve a very smooth finish
  • can be applied to non conductive substrates such as wood and plastic
  • can be cured at room temperature (heat sensitive and large parts)
  • available in extremely low gloss finishes for military and optical applications


We are approved by several OEMs for military CARC coatings. Our most popular processes include:

  • TT-C-490 Type III wash primer
  • Mil-P-53022
  • Mil-C-53039

We will research the coating specs for your parts, and cross reference superseded specs. We will work with you to get approved by your end user.

Our Equipment

Our facility in Elk Grove Village is state-of-the-art, with climate controlled environmental rooms for wet paint application, and full makeup air capability.

Our wet paint line uses a fully-automated 7-stage Iron Phosphate stainless steel washer for the level of corrosion protection you require. We use electronic monitors to continually check and maintain the cleanliness of our washer stages.

We use Ransburg electrostatic wet guns for a flawless finish, every time.

You will find we can provide a consistent, high quality application of any wet coating you require.