Powder Coating

  • Washed parts ready forcoating
  • Right after coating
  • Parts in front of washer

Powder Coating

Powder paint consists of a binder, which is necessary to make the paint stick, a pigment, which gives the paint its color, and fillers. These components are combined and ground into a powder.

The surface to be painted has to be prepared first. We wash the part with an alkaline degreaser to remove dirt, dust, oil and grease left from previous manufacturing operations. Next we rinse the part with water. Then we apply phosphate to form a phosphate layer.

This layer will help the paint stick to the part, and prevents corrosion from forming between the part and the paint. Next we rinse the part two more times, and dry it in an oven. We have automated this cleaning process to achieve consistent results.

At Jet Finishers the paint is charged electrostatically and sprayed onto the surface to be painted. The static charge helps attract the paint to the part, and helps to cover the part evenly. The part is cured in an oven to make the paint stick permanently. The heat allows the paint to flow to form a consistent finish. Thermosetting paints cure by crosslinking chemically to form a tough, solvent resistant coating.

Uses of Powder Coating

Typical applications include ornamental and protective coatings on castings, weldments, sheet metal parts, and extrusions. Our expertise includes a wide range of parts, such as camping fuel bottles, electrical cabinets, air filter and exhaust covers, point of sale displays, vehicle frames, rims, fenders, bumpers, and steam separators.

Advantages of powder coating

  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Forms an even layer on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Can be applied as a thick layer to smooth the surface or for added durability
  • Available in custom colors
  • Available in different surface finishes such as wrinkle coating
  • Economical

Our Equipment

Our powder lines offer a choice of fully-automated Iron Phosphate 5-stage and 7-stage stainless steel washers for the level of substrate cleaning and corrosion protection you require. We use Nordson Sure-Coat guns, as well as Nordson Prodigy II guns depending on your needs. This allows us to use the guns best suited for the desired finish, including clear coat and metallics.