Other Capabilities

  • Light Assembly - Access doors with gaskets installed
  • Masked connector holes
  • Masked enclosures
  • Cross hatch test showing good adhesion
  • Small test panels
  • Batch Painting
  • Batch Painting

Batch Painting

We have powder and wet batch departments to handle small lots, large parts and difficult jobs. We paint a large range of sizes, ranging from bolt heads to multi thousand pound water treatment spindles and hydraulic press frames. We will paint small lots such as a single motorcycle or car frame or a set of rims.

We also paint difficult parts such as clear coat on milled aluminum for the entertainment industry. Batch painting allows us to give full attention to your part.

Light Assembly

We perform light assembly tasks such as installing hinges, locks and gaskets. If you are refurbishing equipment, or want to repaint an electrical cabinet to match the color of your choice, we can remove, prep and paint the panels, as well as mask and paint the visible portions of the frame without removing your circuits.


Extensive masking is often required in today's market, and you desire a high quality masking job for your product. We take the time to get it right. At Jet Finishers, the masking department is our largest department, and our skilled maskers have many years of experience meeting the specific needs of our customers.

Paint Stripping

We refinish used parts to allow you to refurbish equipment and extend its useful life. We can heat clean, sand blast or chemically strip entire parts in preparation for painting. We also offer sanding and sand blasting for partial refinishing (for example surfaces that will be visible in the final assembly or worn surfaces).

In house paint stripping allows us to reprocess internal rejects, allowing us to ship you complete orders in a timely fashion, even for difficult parts.

We can seal seams and epoxy fill surface imperfections (such as the dimples left by spot welding).

Quality Testing

We have an in house quality lab for the following tests:

  • Paint thickness (cured)
  • Wet paint thickness
  • Pencil hardness
  • Color match
  • Reflectance / gloss level
  • Adhesion / cross hatch testing
  • Impact testing
  • Solvent resistance testing

We work with partners to provide salt spray testing. We measure PH, TDS and Acidity levels for monitoring our washers. We own a calibrated temperature data logger for monitoring the temperature profile of our ovens. Our paint storage and our wet paint areas have temperature and humidity data loggers installed to monitor the correct storage and application conditions.